Ghanaian Boxers Hope To Win Global Titles With The Help Of Ayitey Powers’ Upcoming Boxing Promotion

Ayitey Powers, a former WBC International champion, has declared the opening of Ayitey Powers Promotions, a project to bring Ghanaian fighters to the attention of the world.

Powers is dedicated to seeing local fighters win world titles. He is also the President of Voice of Ghana Professional Boxers.

This promotion’s first event is scheduled on June 29, 2024, at the Bukom Boxing Arena.

The event, themed “Power of the Fist,” will include championship competitions for West African and national crowns.

This is the first of what Powers hopes will be an ongoing series of fights to keep boxers in top shape and engaged.

Three-time national and West African champion Powers remarked, “We have a lot of talented boxers, and if I look at myself, I didn’t go to school but where boxing took me, it took me very far.”

“My goal is to support upcoming boxers so they can achieve greater success than I did,” he continued.

Powers stressed to the media on May 23, 2024, the importance of regular competition in order to develop Ghanaian boxers’ talents and get them ready for the international arena.

Since they are professional boxers, I may encourage them to fight at least once a month or two in the absence of tournaments.

“For them to compete for a world title, I have to pay money.” Why not, given my ability to help others get there, compete for a world title instead? He said.

Powers pleaded with Ghana’s government to support this project in order to guarantee its viability and success.

He thinks Ghanaian boxers can represent their country with pride and succeed worldwide if given the proper assistance.

Game TV is supporting this initiative; the station’s general manager, Goodfelow Dei Offei, has stated that boxing will be revived in Ghana.

“As a TV brand, we want to carve out a space for gaming and sports. Boxing was one of the sports that we chose to sponsor,” Offei stated.

“We thought that boxing also needs a facelift, so we took a decision to partner with Ayitey to start this journey.”

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