How A Priest Mislead Hearts Of Oak Into Thinking They Would Score Eight Points In A Game That They Would Lose 4-0

Joe Louis, a former player with Hearts of Oak, has refuted the notion that black magic, also referred to as juju, is effective in football. He supports this assertion by sharing an experience he had with Hearts of Oak.

He claims that the club went to see a priest prior to a CAF Champions League away match in Ethiopia and was informed that they would win by eight goals; nonetheless, they ended up losing 4-0.

In his account of the incident, he told Dan Kwaku Yeboah on YouTube that the priest told the Hearts group to keep saying “Awotwe,” which is the Fante word for “eight.”

“Juju is ineffective in football. When we traveled to Ethiopia for one of our Champions League campaigns, I recall that we were taken to what appeared to be a church. The priest instructed us to keep saying “Awotwe, Awotwe” as we were singing and in prayer. My question was, “What does ‘Awotwe’ mean?” to which Anthony Annan, a former Black Stars player and Fante, replied, “Eight.” “So we’re going to defeat them by eight goals?” I questioned him. in Ethiopia? Champions League?’ “It stated the man.

Louis claimed he was the only member of the squad who disobeyed orders, calling the priest’s assertion implausible.

“The others continued repeating it, even after I told them I wouldn’t. ‘So you won’t say it?’ questioned Anthony Annan. ‘Pablo, there are some things you know God won’t do,’ I informed him. I’m not going to say it.”

Joe Louis claimed that despite their spiritual and cleaning preparations for the match, they lost 4-0 and nearly gave up a fifth goal, but the home team saved a penalty.

“During the game, the weather was high altitude. Before we knew it, they had already scored four goals. In the closing minutes of the game, they were on the verge of tying the score when the attacker was pulled down by Charles Valdez, a former Hearts of Oak player, who also gave up a penalty. Fortunately, they failed to convert the penalty, and the score was 4-0.”

After the loss, he claimed to have made fun of Anthony Annan, who had puked throughout the match.

“You see what happened to you? Anthony was throwing up all over the field; I told him so when we arrived at the hotel. Saying “Awotwe, Awotwe,” you trailed behind the clergyman, pastor, or whoever. They had money to provide the individual even though they still owed us money and our bonuses at the time.

The game in question took place in 2006, with St. George FC representing Ethiopia. Former great player for Ethiopia’s U-20 team Dawick Mebratu scored a hat-trick in the first leg of the second-round playoff match.

Despite the significant setback, Hearts of Oak advanced to the following round when St. George left the field in protest of what they saw to be subpar officiating during the second leg in Accra while the team was behind 2-0 at the half.

The Phobians received the qualifying from CAF, and they proceeded to defeat Etoile du Sahel and move on to the group stage.

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