Jeremy Doku, A Winger For Manchester City, Says He Plans To Travel To Ghana Soon.

The winger for Manchester City, Jeremy Doku, has expressed his sincere wish to visit his parents’ country of Ghana shortly in order to rekindle his relationship with his Ghanaian background.

Jeremy Doku, who was born in Ghana to David and Belinda Doku, opted to play for Belgium instead of his own country.

Even if he plays for Belgium, Doku remains very much a product of Ghana.

The athlete recently stated in an interview with SuperSport that he speaks Twi well and has a deep appreciation for Ghanaian dance, food, and music.

“Because my parents are from Ghana and I can speak Twi, I am also a Ghanaian. I have to go there again because I’ve been there already,” the winger remarked.

“I enjoy the music, the way they dance, and the way they converse. I have to go because I haven’t gone back yet and my parents travel back frequently,” he said.

Doku acknowledged that he values his mother’s Ghanaian cooking, despite the fact that his work lifestyle forces him to prioritize his diet.

The former Stade Rennes player added, “Now that I have a chef, my mom cooks for me when I go home. It’s not healthy for a footballer to eat a lot.”

Doku has played in 25 games since joining Man City, tallying 3 goals and 7 assists.

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