Michael Essien Praises Mohammed Kudus, Saying That He Has What It Takes To Be At The Top

Legendary Ghanaian footballer Michael Essien believes Mohammed Kudus, a forward for West Ham United, has the talent to rank among the finest players in the world.

The legendary player for Chelsea stated on TalkSport that Mohammed Kudus is destined for greatness and that he would soon be rubbing elbows with the finest players in the game.

Michael Essien stated that he believes Kudus would soon dominate football and has big expectations for him.

“He has everything it takes to be at the top, and I rate him very highly.” Essien remarked, “He is a talented football player with all the tools necessary to succeed.

Mohammed Kudus has recently made headlines for comments he posted on social media in reaction to people who said he didn’t play up to par during Ghana’s match against the Central African Republic.

Some Ghanaians expressed their displeasure with the midfielder’s performance and called for greater from him.

But Kudus reacted angrily, using language that angered some Ghanaians, including top sports journalist Jeffrey Asare.

Following Ghana’s triumph over the Central African Republic on Monday, June 10, 2024, Jeffrey Asare did not hold back in his denunciation of Mohammed Kudus’ social media activity.

According to Jeffrey Asare, Kudus runs the risk of not reaching his full potential if he doesn’t maintain his humility and respect for Ghanaians.

Kudus was reminded by Jeffrey Asare that the Black Stars have seen far more talented players than him and that Ghanaians have never been treated disrespectfully by players like Stephen Appiah, who, in his opinion, accomplished more in football than Kudus.

“Kudus is a mediocre player with great promise for the future. It is only with a positive mindset that he may rise to the top. Ghanaians own the national team, and no player on the team has the same talent as Abedi Pele.

“You dare to offend supporters who beg you to deliver the ball sooner and condemn you. In comparison to Kudus, the Black Stars have seen players who have never offended supporters who have criticized them. You remain silent if you are a professional athlete deserving of respect and people are criticizing you.

Because he is a mature player, Stephen Appiah has never responded negatively to Ghanaians. He won’t realize his full potential if the people giving him advice don’t provide it to him well,” he remarked.

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