Operators Of Sports Betting In Ghana Urge That Unregistered Businesses Be Punished

The tax authorities and industry regulators have been urged by the Ghana Association of Sports Betting Operators (GHASBO) to take decisive action against unlicensed and unregulated firms that are operating illegally in Ghana’s gaming market.

Dr. Kweku Ainuson, the Secretary General of GHASBO, claims that some operators who do not have the necessary licenses to operate in the Ghanaian market are avoiding paying taxes by employing VPNs to make their online gambling platforms accessible in Ghana and accepting cryptocurrency bets.

He claimed that this was depriving the nation of the taxes required to advance national growth.

“Today, we know that there are a lot of people betting on unregulated platforms which we call black sites,” stated Dr. Ainuson.

They can wager using cryptocurrency, and some of them are really skilled. Ghana has no regulations on cryptocurrencies, so people who want to gamble utilize VPNs.”

At the Betway Regulatory Compliance Workshop, held on Thursday at the Mövenpick Hotel in Accra and sponsored by GHASBO and Betway, a well-known worldwide online sports betting brand, he revealed this.


The forum’s theme, “Economic Impact of the Gaming Industry,” was organized by Betway and GHASBO in collaboration.

Along with members from the Ministry of Interior and the gambling Commission, it brought together operators, regulators, service providers, and media from the gambling business.

Peter Mireku, the CEO of the Gaming Commission, stated in his introductory remarks that the gaming sector has seen an increase in online gaming over the years along with the introduction of new products and services and new technologies.

According to him, the expansion calls for the implementation of efficient policies and ongoing due diligence to reduce the risks of fraud and legal issues.

“It is important that the industry begins to think about sustainability and how to give back and support the communities in which they operate.”

“I say it is time to project and promote the positives that this industry has made to the economy.”

He also congratulated Betway and the GHASBO leadership and members for setting up the session and for their continued cooperation with the Gaming Commission on compliance, taxes, and information exchange.

The workshop, according to Solomon Tetteh Mensah, Chief Director of the Ministry of Interior, “highlights the importance all stakeholders attach to the growth of the industry.”

Additionally, he complimented GHASBO for their assistance provided to those impacted by the Volta Dam leak.

In order to enhance player experience and implement the necessary safeguards to protect all players, stop fraud and money laundering, and encourage responsible gaming, he asked all parties involved to collaborate.

According to him, the Ministry’s goal is to collaborate with all parties involved in the gaming industry to improve Ghana’s economic climate and promote ethical gaming across the nation.

Mr. Mensah issued a challenge to the operators, urging them to implement technology that safeguard players, the online gaming environment, and user privacy.

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