Prince Tagoe Becomes Enraged About Ghana’s Treatment Of Felix Afena-Gyan, Asking How Evil People Can Be

US Cremonese striker Felix Afena-Gyan is being treated unfairly by the nation, according to former Black Stars striker Prince Tagoe.

Against the advise of certain experts, Afena-Gyan’s handlers during the height of his career urged him to represent Ghana against Nigeria in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers. The player answered the call with patriotism and gave an outstanding performance.

Afena-Gyan was left off the 2022 World Cup roster following the qualifiers, though, which many saw as abuse and betrayal of the young talent.

Even after two years, Prince Tagoe is still furious about the choice and worries about how it will affect Afena-Gyan’s career.

Prince Tagoe stated that having Afena-Gyan in the World Cup team would have aided in the advancement of his career in an interview with Accra FM.

Tagoe admonished Ghanaians to show players dignity and make sure they part ways amicably with the national team.

To ensure that players depart the national team happy rather than hurt, certain Ghanaians need to learn how to treat athletes fairly. This guy came and showed his pressing and work rate just when we needed him most for the World Cup.

It would have been devastating for the boy to be dropped before the World Cup. See how his career has developed since then. Although he is doing well, it would have benefited him if we had brought him to the World Cup.

“I wonder sometimes how such terrible individuals can exist. If you’ve watched football, you’re aware of the poor treatment we gave him. In addition, we lack talented strikers. You don’t treat someone that way when they come through for you and make a sacrifice,” he remarked.

Afena-Gyan’s exclusion from the team was attacked by Tagoe, who stated that Ghana lacks good strikers and that they ought to have valued his commitment and sacrifice.

Being the first player born after January 1, 2003, to score in the Italian top division, Afena-Gyan garnered media attention.

In a single Serie A match, he also became the third-youngest foreign player to score two goals or more. His pivotal goals against Genoa gave Jose Mourinho’s Roma the win.

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