Profile Of A Talented Player, Elvis Doku Marfo

Elvis Doku Marfo is a highly skilled and gifted footballer for Covenant Boys FC at the moment, coached by Legendary Reginald Asante ( Reggae ) who also coaches at Juventus Academy. Doku’s focus when tackling and dribbling is excellent. He was born on May 19, 2005, making him one of his team’s youngest and most gifted players.

Doku is a flexible midfielder who can also play right wing and right back. In his current squad, he is outstanding.

He participated in the Betway tournament while playing for the Liberty Professional Academy in Dansoman during the 2019–2020 season.

Later, in 2020–2023, he enrolled at Topscout Academy.

He was chosen to compete in the Rahmadan Tournament AL NASRI (UAE) in Dubai, where he took home the goal king title for the entire competition.

In the years 2023–2024, Doku joined a different team known as Covenant Boys. His skills and fitness propelled his side to the top position, and he earned four MVP awards. Because of his abilities and goal-scoring prowess as he was chosen to play Accra West District League Champions.

Elvis Doku Marfo later travelled to Turkey to play a Tournament

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