Unimaginable Things Happened At Dawu, According To RTU Captain Baba Kushibo

Baba Kushibo, the captain of Real Tamale United (RTU), called the suspected player impersonation incident in the Ghana Premier League excellent game between his team and Dreams FC “unimaginable.”

The Tamale-based team lost 8-1 to the Still Believe boys in a Ghana Premier League Week 28 match, allegedly fielding unregistered players against them.

Although the club used their names for various individuals, registered club players went on radio to deny ever traveling to Dawu for the match with the team.

Although Kushibo’s name was on the team sheet, he was not part of the team that traveled. “What I can confirm is that none of the registered players were in Dawu to undertake that game,” he subsequently said on Angel FM.

“Every player that is registered and on the system as of right now is in Tamale. Some even returned home in a fit of rage over various matters.

“However, what transpired in Dawu is unthinkable. I would want to point out that there are those who hold certain views about the Ghana League and believe that specific actions can occasionally be taken.

“And yes, they really executed it.”

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