Things New GFA Boss Kurt Okraku Must Do At Once

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Kurt Okraku is seen as a strong contender in the GFA presidential race

Congratulations to Kurt Okraku on his election to Ghana Football Association President’s high and emotional role.

Beating rigid competition from a six-field is just the easy part, as shocking as it may sound. The hard work is starting now. The Dreams FC manager–who has promised to give up that position now he’s GFA chief–has to hit the ground running with a broken, devastated football family to lead.

There’s a lot to do. And there’s so little time, which means the essence is speed and accuracy. Prioritisation is crucial as well, and here are the suggestions from Joy Sports Gary Al-Smith for the top 10 things to do to jump the faulty Ghana FA engines.


1. Manage expectations. Create a perception around football that will make the nation fall in love with the GFA, again.

2. Bridge the gap in differences among the different factions in Ghana football.

3. Get domestic competitions underway, immediately. Sponsors or not, let’s move.

4. Conduct integrity/ethics training for players, referees, influential supporter groups and the media.

5. Formulate a strategy to engage the government on national teams, to be clear on its duties and obligations.

6. Educate Regional Football Associations on competition management. A national culture of professionalism begins at the grassroots.

7. Roll out his manifesto promise to make the Ghana Premier League autonomous, as soon as possible.

8. Improve the working conditions of GFA staff. This is key to motivate them to be ethical.

9. Find a permanent General Secretary quickly, preferably one with good experience in managing football. This person will ensure football runs free of agitations.

10. Make a decision on to sack or maintain Kwesi Appiah. His contract expires in December.

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