We Don’t Just Give Out Awrads – Sadiq Abdulai

We Don't Just Give Out Awrads - Sadiq Abdulai

Sadiq Abdulai Abu, founder of 3 Music Awards, has revealed how trustworthy the award scheme is. Sadiq said they don’t just give out awards to artists.

According to him, several procedures are taking place before winners are announced.

Mr. Adbulai Abu said the award scheme board plays a critical role in maintaining its reputation.

“It goes beyond me. We have a board who are power decision-makers. They give directions and ensure that the right things are done,” he stated.

As the scheme board embarked on a trip to Akosombo for Saturday’s review session, the 3MUSIC Awards Boss emphasised that they had the right to scrutinise anything relevant to the awards.

He added that he can make recommendations only, but he is not the ultimate decision-maker.

Sadiq said the board is so strong to dismiss some of his suggestions.

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