Why UG Is Trending For The Second Time In One Week

#Legonweek may be the best caption to summarize it; the country’s premiere institution of higher education; University of Ghana has been making all the headlines from Monday October 7 and this is why:

First, it was the ‘Gyampo, Butakor’ saga. Two lecturers of the university were implicated in a BBC Africa Eye Documentary that sought to put the spotlight on the subject of sex for grades in tertiary institutions in Africa.

Social media went crazy with various tweets on the issue on campus, Prof. Gyampo and Butakor and sexual harassment of ladies.

Whilst many were excited about the revelations, indicating how it brought to the fore the crux of the canker and how devastating it was for ladies even on other campuses, others were on the defense of Prof. Gyampo particularly, noting how the documentary barely faulted him seeing that the scenes were rather casual.

Terms like “Have you ever been kissed violently before?”, “I’ll grab you and kiss you here and by the time I release you, you’ll see all the shyness gone”, “formal, formal, formal, formal…you want to talk about work work, nothing else ‘esa bo dientse” did not fail to make news on social media.

Four days on, the issue is still trending on the news airwaves with debates and discussions as many try to digest the subject and tackle various angles to it and yet, Legon is high up the twitter trends again.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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