You’re My Baby Bugatti…. Dosty Drops Fire New Single

Born as Ezekiel Amoh but popularly known as Dosty has dropped his latest single and it is FIREEEEE. The Talented Star moved from Ghana to the UK in 2009. The passion to preform was always there but it wasn’t until 2014 Dosty’s music career really took off. Working closely with another huge talent Guiltybeatz his music career was thriving more than ever.

But around 2016/17  he decided to stop doing music to focus on other things. He’s actually also a very gifted Fashion Designer. Dosty is actually a jack of all trades, he does many things. But eventually he decided to get back to music. He began to write and record music again. There was a bit of difficulty at first trying to return to the music scene. But that didn’t stop his determination. During his little break he did actually keep most of his music on his computer.

To see great talents such as Dosty rebrand and give back to the entertainment industry, is truly amazing. He didn’t let his talent go to waste.  His voice needs to be heard and quite honestly what the industry needs.

Now onto his latest Single Baby Buggatti. Baby Buggatti was released on 18/05/20. When asked about the inspiration behind the Banger.

He Simply Said:

“Honestly speaking Baby Bugatti was inspired by a girl I was dating few years ago and most of my songs in the pipe line are mainly about past relationships as I have even got an EP called the 5 tales which explains 5 different relationships I was in”.


One thing that makes me believe that Dosty is made for the entertainment industry is his passion and drive. Keep shining King !!!



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